Scientific Name: Pennisetum clandestinum
Family: Poaceae


Kikuyugrass is a low-growing perennial grass. It contains both rhizomes and stolons. The stolons have short internodes. The leaves are folded in the bud, the ligule consists of a fringe of hairs, and auricles are absent. The seedhead is inconspicuous and located in the stem of the node. Filaments formed in the early morning cause a white cast to the turf. Kikuyugrass is found in California.

Cultural Practices

Kikuyugrass is a very invasive perennial grass. Kikuyugrass is different from other warm season grasses like bermudagrass in that it stays green and grows at lower temperatures. Mowing low, half-inch encourages kikuyugrass to flower and produce seed. The best way to culturally control kikuyugrass is to prevent the spread of the grass. Tall mowing shades the surface and will restrict the spreading of the stolons. Care should be taken with any equipment to prevent the physical movement of any vegetative plant parts.

Herbicide Use

Make your post-emergence herbicide application to kikuyugrass that is actively growing and in the 2 leaf to 6 tiller stage of growth.