Scientific Name: Equisetum palustre
Family: Asteraceae


Horsetail is a perennial weed with deep spreading root stock. Horsetail is most noted by its jointed stems which are hollow and will pull apart at the joints. The leaves are small and scale like. They are located at the joints on the stems. Horsetail is found in moist soils along streams, ponds, roadsides and low areas in fields. Horsetail forms dense patches of stems that persist throughout the winter. Horsetail spreads by underground root stock and spores. Horsetail is found throughout the summer months. Horsetail is found from Canada to Mexico. Certain species are more prevalent to specific regional locations. 

Cultural Practices

Horsetail is a summer perennial that thrives in moist or springy grasslands. Horsetail outcompetes other plants due to its ability to live in wet soils. To culturally control horsetail, correct the drainage. Low mowing of the horsetail prevents it ability to spread. Fertilize the turf to increase it ability to compete with the horsetail. 

Herbicide Use

For best results, apply your post-emergence herbicide when horsetail is young and actively growing, before spore heads are formed.


Germination Dates

3: March
4: March
5: March
6: February
7: February
8: January
9: January
10: January