Dollarweed Pennywor

Scientific Name: Hydrocotyle verticillata
Also known as: Pennywort
Family: Apiaceae


This is a summer perennial weed. The leaves of dollarweed or pennywort are round in shape, approximately 1-inch in diameter. The dark green leaves are glossy, with scalloped edges and are on long slender petioles. The petiole is attached to the center of the leaf, not to be confused with dichondra in which the petiole is attached to the edge of the kidney shaped leaf. The flower is small with 5 white petals and forms in clusters on the end of long stems. Dollarweed or pennywort spreads by seed and rhizomes. The weed is found along the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida and westward to Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Arizona and California. It is also found in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, the West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America and Southern Europe and Tropical Africa.

Cultural Practices

Avoid excess moisture. Dollarweed or pennywort thrives in wet areas. Improved drainage may help to prevent infestation.

Herbicide Use

Use a post-emergence broadleaf herbicide appropriately labeled for the turfgrass species. For optimum control, make your herbicide application when pennywort (dollarweed) is actively growing and in the one leaf to flower stage of growth.


Germination Dates

4: June
5: June
6: May
7: May
8: April
9: April
10: March