Scientific Name: Potentilla simplex
Also known as: Sulfur Cinquefoil
Family: Roseaceae


Cinquefoil is a summer perennial with leaves containing 5 leaflets which are palmately divided on hairy petioles. The leaves have toothed edges and arise from fibrous creeping stems. The root is a fibrous lateral root. The flowers of cinquefoil are sulphur yellow, consisting of 5 petals appearing brighter at the base. Cinquefoil spreads by seed. Cinquefoil is found in the upper two thirds of the United States and in Canada.

Cultural Practices

Gravelly soil with a pH below 6.0 is attractive to cinquefoil. Good fertility and a pH above 6.0 will help prevent infestation from this weed. Follow good turf management practices to create a dense competitive stand of turfgrass. Lime to a pH of around 6.7.

Herbicide Use

Make your post-emergence herbicide application to cinquefoil that is actively growing and in the rosette to flower stage of growth.


Germination Dates

3: May-June
4: May-June
5: April-May
6: April-May
7: March-April
8: March-April