Scientific Name: Panicum repens
Family: Poaceae


Coarse-textured, warm-season perennial with creeping, sharply pointed rhizomes. Stems stiff and erect. Leaves folded or flat and hairy on upper surface. Folded vernation. Small membranous ligule with fringe or hairs on upper margin. Seedheads usually with stiff, ascending, and spreading branches. Spikelets almost white, on tiny stalks. Fruits during warm months. Propagates primarily by rhizomes and seed.

Cultural Practices

Avoid movement of contaminated soil. Fumigate contaminated soil before using or planting.

Herbicide Use

Selective post-emergence control with repeat applications of quinclorac. Non selective postemergence control includes repeat applications of glyphosate. Check the herbicide label for specific application rates and turfgrass tolerance before use.