Scientific Name:
Also known as: Carolina Geranium, Dovefoot Geranium
Family: Geraniaceae


Geranium, also called Carolina and Wild geranium, is a semi-erect winter annual. The erect stems are branching and covered with hair. The alternate leaves are on long petioles and are divided into segmented leaflets which are blunt toothed. The flowers have 5 white to pink petals and form in clusters. The seed forms in a fruit capsule that forms a "storks bill.” Carolina geranium is found throughout the United States and Canada. 

Cultural Practices

Pulling or digging can remove individual geranium plants. Removal should be performed prior to flower and seed formation. Follow good turf management practices to create a dense competitive stand of turfgrass.

Herbicide Use

Make your post-emergence herbicide application to wild geranium that is actively growing and in the rosette to flower stage of growth


Germination Dates

3: April-September
4: April-October
5: March-October
6: February-November
7: January-December
8: January
9: January-December