(Matricaria discoidea)

Family: Asteraceae

Also Known As:

Weed Photos: Courtesy of Dr. Lambert McCartey. Clemson University. Clemson, SC.



Pineappleweed is a summer annual. When the plant is crushed, it has the odor of a pineapple. The hairless leaves are divided into very narrow segments, and are arranged alternately on the stems originating from a taproot. The plant has a bushy growth habit resulting from branching from lower stems. Flowers which are yellow in color are produced from May through August. One to several flowers are produced at the end of short stems. Pineappleweed spreads by seed. Pineappleweed originated in the west, but is now found throughout the United States. 


Germination Dates

3: May-June
4: April-May
5: April-May
6: March-April
7: March-April
8: February-March
9: February-March

Cultural Practices

Pineappleweed is difficult to control. Good turf management practices which encourage a dense grass stands offers some defense against infestation.

Herbicide Use

Being a summer annual, a pre-emergence herbicide application may prevent pineappleweed from germinating. Make your post-emergence herbicide application to pineappleweed that is actively growing and in the rosette to flower stage of growth.

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