Field Madder

(Sherardia arvensis)

Family: Rubiaceae

Also Known As:

Weed Photos: Courtesy of Dr. Lambert McCartey. Clemson University. Clemson, SC.



Field madder is a prostrate growing winter annual. Due to its growth habit, mats are formed in the turf. The leaves form in whorls around the stem which is square. The leaves are pointed and elliptical in shape.

Field madder spreads by seed which is produced in flowers at the tip of the stem. The flowers are pink to lavender in color and occur in the spring. Field madder is found in the Piedmont region of the southern states. It can be found west into east Texas and Arkansas.    


Germination Dates

6: October
7: November
8: November

Cultural Practices

Field madder is a winter annual which can be found in thin turf and along ditch banks and roadsides and other waste areas. Field madder is not controlled by mowing, but mowing will prevent flower formation and seed production. Follow good cultural practices that strengthen and thicken the turf and this will crowd out the weed.

Herbicide Use

For optimum control, make your post-emergence herbicide application to field madder that is young and actively growing.

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