Downy Brome

(Bromus tectorum)

Family: Poaceae

Also Known As: Downing Chess and Cheatgrass

Weed Photos: Courtesy of Dr. Lambert McCartey. Clemson University. Clemson, SC.



Downy brome is a winter annual grass that has an upright growth habit. The leaves lack auricles. Downy brome has a large jagged membranous ligule. The leaves are rolled in the bud and are hairy on both sides. The seedhead is very predominant in that it has a droopy panicle. It seeds from late spring into the summer. Downy bome dries over the summer and can become a fire hazard. Downy brome is found throughout the United States south to northern Florida.


Germination Dates

3: April-May
4: April
5: March
6: March
7: March

Cultural Practices

Downy bome is a winter annual grass that germinates in the early spring. It is usually found in waste areas, disturbed sites, roadsides, pastures and thin turf. Downy brome is often a contaminant in seed mixtures. Mow to prevent the formation of the seedhead and seed production.

Herbicide Use

Make your post-emergence herbicide application when downy brome is young and actively growing.

Gordon's Control Recommendations:


Tupersan® Herbicide Wettable Powder


GlyphoMate® 41 Weed & Grass Killer Plus Aquatic Herbicide
Pronto® Vegetation Killer


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